Saturday, 6 October 2018

Madhya padres assembly election 2018 scheduled

Madhya padres assembly election 2018 scheduled

Madhya padres   assembly election 2018 latest news | Election scheduled , polling date 28 Nov 2018  Madhya padres    Election Latest news | Madhya padres   Vidhan sabha Wise canddidat list,  Election start date, Election finish date, Election results, Madhya padres   assembly election 2018  latest news | Madhya padres    Vidhan sabha Wise canddidat list | Election Results Live On 11 Dec. 2018 .
Last date of nomination
Scrutiny of nominations
Last date of withdrawal
Date of poling

Madhya padres
09 Nov.
12 Nov.
14 Nov.
28 Nov.
11 Dec.

The Election commission has been declared voting and result date for the 230 member Assembly of Madhya padres   assembly election 2018 .

The Election commission Chief Mr. O.P. Ravat  said in a press conference that Madhya padres   assembly election 2018  will be held in 06 October, 2018 and Madhya padres   Assembly Election 2018  result will be declared on 11 Dec. 2018.